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Scott & Becky Slamer

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Ministry Description

Let us introduce ourselves!

Birthdate:  June 22, 1974
Trusted Christ: Spring of 1993
Job:  Campus Crusade for Christ Cal Poly Pomona
Interests:  Hiking, Camping, Running, Country Music, Traveling, & Hanging out with friends.

I am a graduate of Cal Poly Pomona.  In 1998 I received my degree in civil engineering and began work as a structural engineer.  Not long after, I knew God had called me into full time ministry. I wanted to make an eternal difference and invest in the lives of others. For two years I was the junior high youth leader at my church and the finance administrator.  At the beginning of 2001 I answered the Lordís call into full-time evangelistic ministry with Campus Crusade at Cal Poly, my alma mater.

Birthdate:  October 18, 1973
Trusted Christ:  August of 1985
Job:  Campus Crusade for Christ Cal Poly Pomona
Interests:  Hanging out with Friends, Talking on the phone, Soccer, Ultimate Frisbee, Dogs, Photos, & Movies

I am a graduate of Cal Poly San Luis Obispo.  In 1996 I received my degree in Business/Marketing.  Upon graduation I joined the full time staff of Campus Crusade for Christ.  It was through my involvement in ministry in high school and with Crusade as a college student that I gained a vision for the world and where I had the opportunities and was challenged to be an ambassador for the Lord.  I have served as the Associate Campus Director at Cal Poly Pomona. Now, I am enjoying being actively involved in the ministry as a new mom.

Birthdate: October 18, 2003
Interests: Crawling, Standing, Playing with my toys, Eating anything I can pick up on my own, making lots of noises, being tickled, dogs, and being with Mom & Dad.
We are enjoying her tremendously (and so are the students)!

Our desire is to be used by God to bring people into a personal relationship with Him and see them built up in their faith so that they can be sent out into the world to be an influence for Christ.

Latest Photos

What a great big sister! Mommy & the kids Ethan - he is rolling over Sarah holding Ethan dressed up as Squirt the Turtle from Finding Nemo (Crush's son) Untitled Sarah dressed up as Princess Ariel for the Hallelujah Party Thank you to these gals (Mikaela, Michelle, Mo, Alisha, Christa, Val) & Liz, Steph, & grandmas, for making Ethan's baby shower special, fun, Construction theme so cute (that's his nursery decor). And you guys were so flexible as we kept pushing the date back as he came early and then we wanted him out of the hospital so he could come! Ethan enjoying his baby shower:) Untitled

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